How an idea became a vision

Good ideas usually arise in a harmonious environment. In the midst of the beautiful Allgäu foothills, close to Lake Constance, the paths of a group of creative minds crossed – all were born and raised in the area and endowed with the qualities widely attributed to the region’s inhabitants - down-to-earthness, reliability and honesty.

Many conversations about experiences followed, knowledge was exchanged and talents were recognised.

This gave rise to the idea of acting in targeted manner to pass on to new partners this combination of specialist knowledge, years of practical experience in sales and dealing with decision-makers from industry and the automotive world.

The first interested parties were quickly located. Small, medium-sized companies that, for organisational reasons, are often unable to maintain their own sales departments. Others are denied access to certain sales channels or find themselves unable to take advantage of opportunities due to a lack of important contacts. The range of requirements is large and varied and is constantly changing.

In 2013, this knowledge and a conviction that they would be in a position to offer active and successful support, finally led the group to take a joint step – the founding of SMARTVISION Consulting.